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Style Avenue
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Only after reading these four words one can pass effortlessly into the elegant world of enchanting jewellery. Everyone who seeks and appreciates beauty can find an irreproducible moment of magic here. Our jewellery company is like a kind-hearted magician who helps bring about the moment when an age-long dream is finally fulfilled.

This moment. This second. So – are you ready...?


Being strong means, above all, being special and unsurpassable. "Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak," was how Rachel Zoe once described it. Indeed, if you look into the glittering shop windows of Style Avenue you can say with confidence that every one of our products is unique and inimitable.

Our designers and craftsmen have embedded individuality and exceptionality into every sparkle. Somerset Maugham once said: "A good style should show no signs of effort. What is written should seem a happy accident." Style Avenue is thus ready to guess your current mood and wishes without any hints.


Every woman dreams of being unique and having that one inimitable piece in her jewellery box that lets everyone know all the nuances of her virtues. Only once your neck is decorated with a precious bouquet or your earlobe is embellished with a subtle ornament you will feel at once that overwhelming desire to stroll confidently through the streets illuminated by the bright lights and colourful neons of the big city.

Here you can be yourself. You can show your longing for adventure. You can be bold. Enthusiastic. Airy and starry-eyed.  Both mournful and joyous. You can devote your glowing smile to the whole world, wink at your reflection in the shop windows you pass, enchant a passing stranger with the depth of your eyes and then disappear into the crowd, leaving behind only a barely noticeable waft of sweet perfume. 


Our jewellery company combines classic grains of luxury, fresh gusts of new trends and bold fashion movements. As Ralph Lauren once summed it up: "Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It's not about brands. It's about something else that comes from within you." These words are without a doubt an expression of our brand philosophy.

To present a gift, fuddle a head, provide a feeling of happiness, grant a festive mood and to allow every woman to show what is hidden within.


"Jewellery makes miracles!" So said Kami Garcia. And our master jewellers, inspired by the palette of unblemished nature and the mysteries of materials with special powers, use their skills to create true masterpieces.

Gold and silver, coral and pearl, jewellery rubber and unique enamel surfaces, natural leather, precious and semi-precious stones, all these are mixed together in fantastic shapes connecting lines and surfaces. With unbelievable precision and a jeweller's touch, the Style Avenue masters bring unusual ideas to life in the majestic collections of our brand.


"Colourful Prague. The old buildings are squat, the basilica broad-shouldered. And it seems that reality itself is golden like a piece of luxurious jewellery..."

These beautiful words could not capture more precisely the atmosphere of one of the most amazing cities in Europe. After all, this is the city where Style Avenue comes from. It was in this romantic and inviting city that the doors of the first Style Avenue store opened in 1999.

Now the masterful creations of our jewellery company can be found in the gorgeous Style Avenue shop windows in dozens of cities in the Czech Republic, Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. Yet the Czech capital remains the most important source of inspiration and the heart of the company. The brand's headquarters and design office are also in Prague. It is here, in this magnificent city, in the Golden Lane and on the Charles Bridge, at the majestic Prague Castle and on the Wenceslas Square, that the precious ideas for new masterpieces are born.

"Fasten my love around your neck; put my heart on your finger; my soul will be your talisman; I live to adorn you – you are my jewel."

Forever yours, Style Avenue

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