Jewellery Garden

In the case of the Jewellery Garden collection, Style Avenue art jewellers were inspired by the scenery of the French Riviera and the Gardens of Versailles.

Our designers have managed to incorporate the invaluable gifts of nature and the colours of summer into the silver and gold plated stems of our exclusive products. Mischievous and radiant ladybugs, sprightly dragonflies and weightless butterflies made of coloured enamel, apples made of glittering cubic zirconia and dewdrops from iridescent pearls, blue cornflowers, delicate coral roses and gilded cream-colored daisies look as if they stepped out of a painting by Pierre-Auguste Renoir or Eugène Delacroix. “Shall we take a walk in the garden? I’ll introduce you to the roses ….”

An intricate composition and impeccable mastery make the Jewellery Garden collection a true work of art.

Wear a glamorous evening gown or a cocktail dress and complete your outfit with any jewel from the Jewellery Garden collection; all doors and ways to your success will open immediately."

Jewellery Garden
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