Our exciting Fusion collection by Style Avenue is filled with classical music by Antonio Vivaldi and sweet blues by Billie Holiday.

Fusion in the world of fashion represents a delightful cocktail of periods, countries and styles: stately Empire style and the majestic Orient, vintage and refined Baroque, refined classical music and disco...

Style Avenue’s Fusion collection – a fantastic collection of sober shapes in a distinctive spectrum of colour. Delicate cameos from agate on earrings and pendants and large geometric shapes from green, light blue or orange quartz with an exquisite engraving in the shape of a lotus flower within are joined together with an extravagant baroque link inlaid with topaz, all in perfect harmony with jewellery fashion trends at the highest level and representing one-of-a-kind workmanship.

You can gracefully complement dresses and skirts of various shapes and lengths and of all colours and shades with any piece of jewellery from Style Avenue’s Fusion collection. Your look will without a doubt be the boldest and most up-to-date this season. 

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